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SUCCESSFUL RIDE-it is not always easy…you should put some effort to do it well and correctly.


Cycling is not as simple as it seems to a lot of people, especially when you choose to ride in off road terrain. You must keep in mind that you need a technique to properly and successfully cross the obstacles, or uphill and downhill slide that awaits you on the track. In addition to the techniques for successful drive it is indispensable to have a huge amount of  concentration and physical endurance.

These are just some of the things you need to know to successfully ride your bicycle, for example, for one race.

* Technique of you climbing (going up)

* Technique going down

* Move over obstacles

* Breathing

* Coordination of movement

* Proper selection of transmission.

Lampre Tires

Cycling on slippery paths, especially after crossing the slippery “objects” (roots, stones, some deliberately planted logs, etc.) can be very tricky. We’ll give you some advice, – namely three tips for better driving in such terrain. If you have rear suspension, it is advisable to adjust the rebound at a slower return of at least two to three clicks away from the maximum initial position levers rebound.

What does suspension with slippery surfaces do?

It helps you and it helps the bike to absorb the energy (power) impact, so that the shock absorber at a slower regaining spring to absorb more crash energy, while in the faster mode all the energy is converted into “jumping off” springs. Therefore you get a firmer grip and the rear wheel tends to slip out.

-bicycle Brooch adherent, and therefore have a better control over it.

If you do not have rear suspension, try to keep your feet relaxed and bent at the knees so that they are the ones to absorb the force of impact.

Drain the air in the tires

Tires also absorb shock. As rubber is inflated with more air, it will bounce more , meaning that the tire again receives greater impact energy when is deflated. Of course, do not drive with a flat tire too. It is acceptable that the tires drop to 0.2-0.5 bar of the total volume of air in the tires.

By Absorbing blows, a tire that is half a bar softer better adapts to the substrate (i.e. has better traction and more surface area “trampled” on the surface). Perhaps the release of such small amounts of air at first glance does not seem much, but it means a lot, especially during the ride.


Raising the seat and vertical climbing
When you are going to jump for example or cross some obstacles, it is advisable to stand up.  Try “cutting” these obstacles by making them cross diagonally – using only the outer part of the tire. Always use the central part or rather the complete surface of the tire to move over slippery surfaces. The less tread a tire, it will be easier for it to slip out.

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When we mention the word bicycling, first thought that crosses our mind are bicycling competitions and they exist from the time when first bike was made. The first race was held in north African city Amiens and the track was 500 meters long.

Cavendish-300x200Over the time, the routes became longer. The first remote race from Paris – Rouen, took place in 1869 and was 130 kilometers long. Only after 11 years another race was organized, with the track over the Alps then to Paris – Milan – and Paris again. Probably the longest was the Paris – Brest – Paris, with a length of 1196 km and cyclists had to cross without stopping. From its inception to the present day, bicycling has changed a lot. The quality of bicycles, training methods, tactics … Bicycles are lighter, riders are seriously preparing for the competition, and their diet is strictly regulated and planned.

Like any sport, even the bicycling didn’t stay immune to doping. In order to achieve the best results, some athletes resort to all legal and illegal means to achieve the desired objective. Even today, the competition in this sport cannot pass without incident. Everyone were probably shocked when Lance Armstrong admitted that he used doping during his sports career.

Stage competitions are probably the most popular. At every stage of the competition contestants are fighting to win time in each of the individual stages. Adequate time that rides hit are added up and the one who crosses the last stage with best time is the winner

World’s famous competitions are:

Tour de France – in bicycling world is the event number 1, which does not leave anyone indifferent 130628145522-tour-26-story-topDrivers must overcome 21 stage making a total of 3500 km. The route leads past the Atlantic coast, through impassioned heat of Provence, up to the high mountain peaks of the Alps and the Pyrenees. Tour de France has been held since 1903 and it was organized by sports journalist Henri Desgrange. Before the start of World War I, the length of one stage was 400 km. Over time, this distance is reduced, and the average speed increased so that the initial Tour drivers had an average speed of 26 km per hour, while today that speed is 40 km per hour.

The winner at the end takes home “maillot jaune”, the famous yellow jersey.

Giro-d´Italia-300x200Giro d’Italia – a second cycling competition right after the Tour de France. It is held every September since 1907, but during the 90th this date was moved to May. The three-week run through Italy has a straight section for sprinters, middle hard for “escapers” and the high regions are for the most persistent. The best one in the entire placing wins a T-shirt “Maglia Rosa”, equivalent to yellow shirt in the Tour de France. Giro traditionally ends at the last stage in Milan.

Vuelta – has been held since 1935 and from 1955 it was held on the spring but in the 90s, the time of the race has been moved to September. For three weeks, the participants cross the path of 3,000 km and the route is changed every year. The winner gets a “gold shirt”. Like in the Tour de France, the last stage ends in the capital city.

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Two initial items are your budget and your height.


If your budget is very limited, choice of bike is much easier and options are limited. In case you have more money you are willing to spend on the bike, things are getting much more complicated. If you are about to buy yourself first recreational bike it would be logical that you didn’t save any special money, although I do not know whether you wish to keep it or bike will be soon just collecting dust in your basement. In this way you bring yourself in a paradoxical situation. But let me ask you : is it better feeling when you are buying a bike or when you are driving it ?

When you are buying a bike, you are thinking of nice acceleration, precise braking, smooth speed changing…… But have in mind one thing: comfort is not always directly proportional to the money invested because the transition to a competitive category bikes requires investing money in functionality instead of comfort. 

Therefore, it is necessary to make optimal compromise and choose which bike you would easily sell at the period of time when you the do not want to have it anymore, but also a bike that will be able to improve easily or replace with better one  in case such a need arises. You should be looking for a bike that has a good because it is the basis of every bike.


What is the height you should be concerned about?

It is the basis for the selection of appropriate frame size. If you seek advice from an old rider of a bicycle who doesn’t know all the innovations in the bicycle world, you can get advice like “you’re the 180cm, so you need a mountain bike with 19-inch”.It would be ok that we are still talking about the 20th century, but that time has passed. The time when bicycles were standardized has passed in the sense that you were in possibility to know that the bike fits you if you know the height of the frame. However, because the producers were back then forced to stick to the same height of the frame for a certain range of height driver, development of bicycles was very slow.
cycling-655565_1280_smallAt the beginning of this century, this tradition was interrupted so that today, every manufacturer who is working on its geometry and frame height knows that this has absolutely no importance. Frame size is like the size of clothes, but here the weight is not at the first place. Therefore all bikes and clothes can be classified into several basic sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Some manufacturers have intermediate sizes like S / M, M / L … Overall, if you are buying a recreational bike that will be used for recreation, then you can take the following dimensions.


XS height below 160cm

S 155-172cm

M 165-182cm

L 175-192cm

XL 185-202cm

XXL for height over 195cm

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Buying a bike is very delicate process if you want to get the best possible bike for the budget you are planning to spend. All the equipment of bike indicates what kind of bicycle is about and if it’s worth buying. 

Sensa Aquila SL - rim

In case that you have listened to the recommendation of others that you shouldn’t buy anything with 18 speeds, you do not have to worry about the wheels; they will have a double wall. The reason why you should not buy any bike that has 18 speeds is because they make a lot of fake bicycles with 18 speed system. That means that you will pay a lot money and you will get some shady equipment, which can cause you a lot of trouble – not only in riding, but also in servicing and repairing your bike.  If it looks like it’s badly manufactured, it is badly manufactured. When we are speaking about the wheels, it is preferably to have 36 wires.  If you can find the wheels that are definable with industrial bearings, take them. You will not get disappointed. Trust me !

What is expected of a wheel?

300px-True-Wheels-of-a-Bicycle-Step-11-previewIt is expected from wheels that they have evenly and long spins, not to scrape while spinning. Best way of testing the wheel is to remove the wheel from the frame and hold it for both sides of the shaft, and rotate. You can, through your fingers, feel every mechanical problem. Spokes should be uniformly tightened. The ring should be centered – without walking back and forth or at least without excessive holding your brake shoes.

Shock absorbers

There are bikes that have no shock absorbers (front) but instead of that, they have the solid wire. This is normal on social MTB and road bikes or stunts. Shock absorbers are used to eliminate the impact while riding on rugged terrains.  Decorative / debris dampers enhance the effect of road irregularities and further burden the bike because they are made ​​of 7-39 kilograms of secondary alloy of iron and battery grids.

If possible, absolutely try to avoid: ZOOM, Logan, Top Gun and similar names that resemble aliens or biscuit, as well as bikes on which these are amortized. You don’t want to have anything like this – it can cost you a lot of money for servicing and buying parts.

The input League rule play models RST company and / or cheaper models RockShox’s .

Depending on the model and the purpose of work, they last longer / shorter – see the manufacturer’s Web site for more information… Shock absorbers called by manufacturer bikes (Merida is a textbook example) are almost always RST with the label. Rule “degree of finish is a good indicator of quality” applies here. If the rods are made of steel – you will probably face the debris but if they are made ​​of aluminum – then you have a serious bike and you will have any serious problems with your bike.

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Have you ever question yourselves what are the most expensive bikes on the world? Surely not, but prices of some come up to really high amounts, so big that you can buy proper car for them. For those who have inquisitive taste here are nine bikes that will blow your mind!

1.Limited Edition Chanel Bike


Only 50 are made, and they represented an innovation at that period of time. They wanted to approach the buyers who appreciated the elegance and quality, so they made steering wheel handles from leather, saddles were made by legendary Brook Brothers and pump is covered with leather that has Chanel logo. This bike only cost 17,000 dollars.

2.KGS ‘Tier 3’ Bikes

The man who made this bike is called Kevin Saunders and maybe the name implies that you need to invest about 30,000 for this bike, even though you can buy really good car for this money. Its premium styling packaged in an engineering masterpiece guarantees the quality of driving, but also adds immeasurable value to the life of potential buyer.

3. BERU f1 Systems Factor 001 Bicycle

beru2_1406803cThis bike cost about 20,000 pounds and people who designed it assure you that every penny will pay you off. It has innovative design and quality equipment and it has invented new ways for some serious cardio work out. It weights seven kg and has on – board computer, GPS and radio transmitter.

4. Litespeed Blade – Kit Bike

Depending on options you choose this bike can have price up to 25,317 pounds. The main goal of this bike is its performance on the ride and its speed. For this amount of money, they should have put something gold or diamond on it, but no, it’s just a regular bike!

5. Electro bike from eROCKIT

This bike has Nano – lithium battery that can sustain ride up to 80 hours. Only nine of these bikes are produced in 2009 and their price is 44,000 dollars, so you don’t have to worry if come across with one of them and you don’t have money to buy it. They are only for deep pocket net buyers.


6. Celebrity golden bike

This bike is made for celebrity market. Interesting fact is that this bike comes with its personal guardian, that has to guard the bike while the owner is away. 24 carat gold is what makes this bike so special.

7. Koga Kimera

Company Kimera has developed this bike for the young hope of Olympic sport Thea Boss, they claim that they have spent over million dollars on its development.  This bike doesn’t have breaks and only has one speed.

8. Enigma Elle Bicycle with diamonds

This bike was made by the special order and famous jeweler Nicholas James made it for Mr. Lee as a present for his wife. It has high end titanium frame surrounded with diamonds.

9. Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal Edition


This bike is covered with 24 carat gold and saddle is made from finest leathe,  made by Borthers Brook. It has over 600 Swarovski crystals on it. This is one of the most expensive bikes on the world, only ten of these are made and they cost 80,000 euros each.

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If you’re planning to go shopping for a new bicycle, there are certain things that you should definitely decide prior to going shopping. Sometimes it can be fairly difficult to make the decision whether or not you will buy a bicycle, at the very shop. In most cases, you will have to make this decision before even going to the shop, and here’s what you will have to decide.

Should You Buy A New Bike?

image (2)

You may feel the need to buy a new bicycle because your old one keeps breaking down, because you have just seen that the latest model has come out. Be as it may, you should carefully investigate your motives for buying a new bicycle. Needless to say, but you should make sure that you have legitimate reasons why you are planning to buy a new bicycle.

What Do You Need It To Have?


Once you have decided that you definitely have to have a new bicycle, for whatever reason that is legitimate and genuine to you, you should think about of the qualities that there is bicycle should have. It makes all the difference knowing prior hand whether you need a city bicycle or a mountain bike, whether your new bicycle has to have certain levers, and what type of the seat it has to have. Making all these decisions before actually going to the bike shop, will make it much easier for you to choose the right bicycle. You can also see online site with fixed gear bike brands.

Does The Price Fit Your Budget

You should also think about the price limit, as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend on a new bicycle. Make sure that you think in terms of price range, rather than the definite price.
In this way, you will also make sure that once you get to the bike shop you will only look at bicycle is that fit your budget and have the qualities that you have envisioned your new bicycle to have.

Test It Out

Once you do get to the bike shop, make sure that you look at all the bicycle is that fit your description and your budget. Once you have selected a few that you like, make sure that you try them out. There is no way of knowing whether a bicycle will be suitable for you, if you don’t take it for a test ride. Therefore, it is extremely important that you try out the bicycle before buying it.

Could You Get A Better Deal?

Before reaching out for your wallet, make sure that you have tried everything to get the best deal. In addition to visiting a couple of different bike shops, you can also ask your dealer to give you a better price. Even though in general dealers are not really willing to lower the price of a bicycle, they may be prepared to throw away in some extra equipment. Alternately, you can also wait for a sale if you are in a position to wait for the next sale. Sales usually happen as the end of fall and the beginning of winter, when bike shops are eager to get rid of last year’s bicycle models.

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